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The Sweeping of  a Chimney

On arrival, to sweep your chimney, we protect the area in dust sheets. After first giving the stove a once over, looking in the chimney we can assess which rods and brushes are needed if we encounter a blockage of any sort. We have a CCTV camera system to look inside the chimney. Bird nests can be a common occurrence, for which we have bird nest removal heads for our rods. After sweeping we always smoke test the flue to make sure the chimney is working. 

Bird Cages

Bird cages are made to measure, they are made on site to fit your chimney. These are normally fitted to prevent seagulls nesting in between the pots. This also prevents seagulls from sitting on top and making a large racket. We also make cages to go on the back of stacks to the ridge to prevent the seagulls nesting behind the stack.

Bird Cage assembly 2
Bird Cage 2
Bird Cage
Bird Cage 1
Assembling of Bird Cage
Close up of bird cage on the roof
Bird Cage



For open fire wood and multi fuel stoves, an open pot will be fine. They come in different sizes and diameters and are usually flared at the bottom end to allow the pot to be secured to the stack with sand and cement (known as flaunching).


This pot does not restrict the size of the outlet and can be used where there is little or no obstruction to the air flow  across the pot. Louvered pots are used if there have been issues with draw and venting. We use these if you live in a dip or have overhanging trees these pots are designed to assist with updraft.

Chimney Cowls


Downdraft? Rain coming in? Lack of draft? Bird nest in the chimney? You need a chimney Cowl! There are different cowls for these problems and these can be easily fitted to most chimney pots. Also, capping off a diffused chimney can be done with a range of ventilated caps, which are easily removable if you wish to reinstate the chimney into a working fireplace again.

Fitting, Pots, Cowls, caps and bird cages



We try and do as much as possible on a ladder or roof ladder. Sometimes this cannot be achieved, so we use the help of a local firm who have a cherry picker. Unfortunately scaffolding is the only option, so a site visit is always recommended when a pot, cowl, cap or bird cage is requested. 

“A very friendly, professional service, great attention to detail and will be definitely using them again in the future!

— Sarah, Poole

I have never had my chimney swept so thoroughly. I strongly recommend Dave and I have had him sweep my chimney for years.

— James, Dorchester

“Dave is a friendly and efficient professional with experience. We can rely on him every year and he does a really great job. Would definitely recommend his services.

— Anita, Portland

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